WATCH: Muslim woman bravely confronts a man for hurling racial slurs at a Jewish family

The man directed his hateful comments at the family and was gesturing at theM, who were wearing Jewish skullcaps.


A Muslim woman, who intervened with a man who hurled racist slurs at a Jewish family on a London underground train, is being applauded as a hero.

In a video captured by another passenger showed who Asma Shuweikh tried to stop the man, abusing the family after he shouted racist slurs at them. The video caught a lot of attention and hype online.

The man directed his hateful comments at the family and was gesturing at them, who were wearing Jewish skullcaps. Asma interfered with the man after another passenger tried to do the same, but the man threatened them.

“He shouted at me that the Jews started the slave trade and threatened that I, my wife and children were going to be his slaves and suffer various other ailments,” – the victim of the incident said.

He also said that the man said that Jews were ‘from the synagogue of Satan’. Shuweikh’s main motive of interfering was because she, herself, had experienced this hatred because of the religion she believed in, as per CAA (Campaign Against Antisemitism).

“Campaign Against Antisemitism applauds Shuweikh and the gentleman who courageously confronted the abusive man and defended the Jewish family, and Atkins for filming the incident,” – the campaign said in a statement.

“CAA commends Asma Shuweikh and the unseen gentleman whose brave interventions serve as a timely reminder that British values of tolerance and respect are still alive and well,” the statement said.

“CAA has provided support to the victim, who has expressed the desire to meet Shuweikh so that he can thank her in person”.

After the incident, the man was arrested by British Transport Police (BTP).

“A man has been arrested in connection with an antisemitic incident on the London Underground,” the BTP revealed.

It stated that the police attended an address in Birmingham on Saturday and arrested the man because of ‘suspicion of a racially aggravated’ public order offense.

It said the police “attended an address in Birmingham” on Saturday and arrested the man on “suspicion of a racially aggravated” public order offense.

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