WATCH: Netizens criticize Javed Sheikh for proudly boasting about his extra-marital affair

Nauman Ijaz recently invited legendary Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh on his show ‘G Sarkar‘ for a candid interview. During the episode, Javed Sheikh talked about his career and revealed many unknown things about his personal life.

Javed Sheikh has made the Pakistani entertainment industry proud by blessing it with numerous successful movies and dramas. The veteran actor has also worked across the border, starring in several blockbuster Bollywood films. His talent and stellar success have earned him a well-respected role in showbiz.

But did you know that Javed Sheikh has been involved in several extra-marital affairs during this career?

While shedding some light on his entertainment career, Javed Sheikh openly pointed out that he has been involved in several extramarital affairs. When Nauman Ijaz pushed him to elaborate on his statement, Javed Sheikh said:

Of course, there are a lot of actresses I adored in my career; I loved many actresses; it is natural, people do have affairs, but they don’t admit it. I had two marriages; I am an open book, and I married twice. And one was with the mother of Moomal and Shahzad, and the second was with Salma Agha. When I got divorced from Salma Agha, I was shattered, but the actress Neeli gave me companionship and love. Otherwise, I was so broken. I have never approached any girl myself.

Javed Sheikh’s Marriages

Javed Sheikh’s first marriage was with Zinat Mangi, a television and film supporting actress of that era. The two had children together (Moomal Sheikh and Shahzad Sheikh). However, the marriage ended soon with a divorce. Following this, the veteran actor re-married Salma Agha. That marriage didn’t last, and now Javed Sheikh is still officially single. However, the legendary actor has often been associated with several Lollywood film actresses. Javed Sheikh’s reputation of speaking frankly and candidly has always gotten him into trouble when it comes to women.

Javed Sheikh and Zinat Mangi

Javed Sheikh and Salma Agha

Javed Sheikh and Neeli

Here’s the full video of the G Sarkar episode starring Javed Sheikh:


Netizens caught wind of Javed Sheikh’s statement

As soon as the interview video was aired on the internet, netizens sprung into motion. They took to the comment section to criticize Javed Sheikh for bragging about something so vile as extramarital affairs. Several people became also heavily criticized the audience of G Sarkar as they celebrated his answers. Many believed that the audience’s applauding reaction to Javed Sheikh’s confession had made extramarital affairs something to be proud of, but the reality is far from it. Here’s how netizens reacted to Javed Sheikh’s confession:

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