VIDEO | After leaving showbiz for religion, Noor Bukhari talks about allowing her daughters to join media

Bukhari also talked about her changed lifestyle.

Former actress Noor Bukhari, who left acting to fully practice Islam, has revealed in an interview that she won’t let her daughters join the media industry.

While talking about her changed lifestyle, Bukhari said that there was no peace in her life. When she reverted to Islam, there were many people who talked about her, but she has now found peace.

”I enjoy being alone. I don’t need gatherings now”, she said. She felt blessed that Allah had led her towards the right path.

“I want to blow dry my hair, do fashion. It has been three years now. My daughters sometimes ask me ‘Mama, don’t you know how to do fashion?’. But I resist myself for Allah”, she shared.

Noor also shared how she’d want to make a series like Diriliş: Ertuğrul in the future.

“Once my daughters grow up and become independent, I have a plan to make a series like Ertugrul. I want to make a movie or series in which I’d recite ayaat from the Holy Quran”, Bukhari said.

Her family

While talking about her kids, Noor was grateful that Allah had blessed her with another daughter. She said that daughters are Allah’s most precious gifts.

“Shehr Bano and Fatima have a beautiful bond. I am blessed about that”, she added.

Bukhari shared the future plans she has for her daughters. She said she wishes her daughters choose to be doctors in the future or any other profession but they aren’t allowed to go in media.

“I will bring them up well. Allah bless them with a good naseeb and they get married at the right time”, she wished.

Watch the full interview here:

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  • 900 choohay kha k Noor hajj ko chali….these peoples main aim is to increase the ummati population of the world….they have no idea about self content….about self actualization

  • Allah has his own ways and time to give hidayat to his beloved creatures(Human), Allah gave her the hidayat and she is now on a path that makes her feel in peace and close to Allah. She must give every good example to her kids, be a role model for them, explain good and bad, pro and cons, tell them what goes around , that comes around, then have fatith in ALLAH and trust the kids, don’t try to impose any thing, let them say this is better and we chose to do this.

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