[WATCH]: Sajid Sadpara experienced ‘mental breakdown’ during the Everest climb

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Nepal: Sajid Sadpara, son of late Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara, was rescued after he experienced a nervous breakdown during a campaign to search a safer route at the world’s highest mountain on Tuesday.

Sources have reported that the famed climber Sajid Sadpara while accompanying French mountaineer Marc Batard, his son, and Nepalese climber Pasang Nuru Sherpa experienced a nervous breakdown at Mount Everest Base Camp.

Local climbers recognized him with the help of his passport. He was rescued after the climbers tied him up to transport him back to the base camp safely.

A video clip widely shared on various social media platforms shows Sajid Sadpara tied up in ropes. A man then helps the climber to drink water while cheering him up following the fatal incident.

According to local media reports, Sadpara suffered high-altitude sickness, due to which he had to be sent back. The Pakistan embassy in Nepal had been contacted to assure that the Pakistani climber was safely airlifted.

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, as the video went viral on the internet, the hashtag became the top trend on Twitter as Pakistanis urged the government to approach Nepalese authorities.

In July this year, Sajid Sadpara retrieved the body of his father, Ali Sadpara, who was a renowned mountaineer. Ali Sadpara was declared dead after he went missing with two of his fellow climbers during their winter summit of the deadly K2.

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