‘We have seen him beat his wife’ – Celebrities back Fatema Sohail against Mohsin Abbas Haider

As Fatema Sohail accuses Mohsin Abbas Haider of domestic violence, celebrities back her and speak up against his violent tendencies.


Soon after Mohsin Abbas Haider came under fire following accusations of his wife, celebrities have come forward, backing Fatema Sohail and exposing his violent tendencies. His co-workers in the industry are making it evident that which side are they standing on.

Narrating her horrific ordeal, Fatema spoke about how she was cheated on and physically assaulted, that too in the days when she was pregnant with his child. She tolerated it all in the hope that he will change, but all futile. Now she has decided to speak up and pursue her case legally as she has had enough.

He pulled me from hair, dragged me on the floor, kicked me several times, punched me on face & threw me on the wall. I was brutally beaten by my husband. My caretaker! Traumatized me contacted a friend instead of family & was rushed to the hospital. Statuses to get public attention”, Fatema wrote, sharing pictures of her bruised body. 

Mohsin Abbas

”On 17th July, I went to Mohsin’s Home & asked him to take our son’s responsibility where he started beating me again! He refused to do anything for his son! Now I had Enough! I am posting this to tell this to all girls! Look at me!”, Fatema continued. 

She concluded that she has had enough, and will now only see Mohsin in court.

Celebrities back Fatema against Mohsin Abbas:

As the story met social media community’s attention, celebrities have come out announcing their support for her and exposing Mohsin’s extremist tendencies.

Humaima Malik’s sister Dua Malik was the first one to speak up, saying she is the eye-witness of the abuse Mohsin had put his wife through. She said she has seen him beat her on roads and harassing her to an extent where she did not speak to her own family for years. She added that she always encouraged her to speak but she wanted to save her marital life and hoped he would change one day.

“I am sure to say, I’m the only eye witness in this industry. I have kept this fire in my heart for 3 years. I have seen him beating the shit out of his wife on the road and were not,” Dua said

”I’ve kept quiet because she said she is praying he will change. The day she caught him living with Nazish Jahangir while leaving Fatima alone in Lahore is the day I scolded Fatima that she is dumb to take this shit”, she continued. 

The second celebrity to back her is Gohar Rasheed, who not only has made it evident that which side he stands on but also claims to be the second-hand victim.

Osman Khalid Butt and Hania Aamir also speak up, condemning Mohsin’s vile behavior and residing with the victim.

Mohsin is expected to come up with his side of the story, addressing the allegations soon.

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