“We told you he’d kill her, and he killed my sister” Kuwaiti woman yells after hearing the news of her sister’s murder

Farah was abducted by Fahad in front of her daughter and niece last week.



Kuwait: The murder of a woman by a man who had been previously arrested for harassing her,  has sparked a national debate about violence against women in the country.

Farah Hamza Akbar was killed last week by a man named Fahad Subhi Mohammed, whom she had registered two cases against for harassment after turning down his marriage proposal.

Farah was abducted by Fahad in front of her daughter and niece last week. He took her to an unknown location, stabbed her, and dumped her outside a hospital. The victim later succumbed to her injuries.

Fahad was later charged with first-degree murder, punishable by death in Kuwait, the country’s public prosecution announced.

Viral video of Farah Akbar’s sister 

A viral video showed Farah Akbar’s sister, Dana Akbar, crying that she had told authorities of Mohammed’s harassment but that her pleas for help went unnoticed.

“We told you he’d kill her, and he killed my sister. Where is the government?” Dana yells in grief after hearing the news.

It was a moment captured on the video that unleashed a wave of outrage across Kuwait.

Farah’s death has sparked appeals for change in deeply patriarchal Kuwait, with the hashtag “I am the next victim” trending on Instagram and Twitter since last week.

A prominent Kuwaiti fashion blogger, Ascia Al-Faraj, tweeted. “Kuwait is unsafe for women. They will harass us until they kill us.”

Using the hashtag “I’ll not be silent,” activists in Kuwait started their own “MeToo” campaign earlier this year to speak out about the violence against women.

In August of 2020, lawmakers passed the country’s first domestic violence law.

Women were given the right to vote in Kuwait in 2005. Moreover, no female candidate was elected out of the 33 who ran for a parliament seat last year.

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