‘We want Imran’: When Imran Khan had to use the back entrance to avoid uncontrollable college girls [THROWBACK VIDEO]

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No Pakistani cricketer or arguably any cricketer in the world has enjoyed as much fame as the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. The 1992 World Cup winning captain was the ultimate heartthrob in the 90s, not just in Pakistan but around the globe.

Recently, a clip from one of Imran Khan’s interviews with foreign media outlets has been going viral on the internet. During the interview, Imran Khan can be seen surrounded by thousands of his supporters.

The interviewer asks Khan if he gets worried about the crowd getting out of hand. He replies that here in NWFP, now KPK, people are fairly okay but in Punjab, its much worse. The interview then shows hundreds of college girls waiting to catch a glimpse of Imran Khan.

“We want Imran,” the girls chant. However, they fail to see him as Imran Khan goes through the back entrance. When Imran Khan was questioned about why he didn’t come out for the girls, he replied: Because the principle said, she wouldn’t be able to control them and it was best that I went through the back entrance.”

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  • What a legendary life. Completely extraordinary! And he stands so true to his words even now. The best ward is where Ganja is praising him unaware of the future. ???

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