Meet the ‘welder’ from Arifwala who made a vehicle in just PKR 50,000 [WATCH]


If there’s one craft the residents of Pakistan have perfected, it is the art of creating
something extraordinary out of the mundanity of life. One such awe-inspiring instance
is the case of Muhammed Amin, a welder located in Arifwala that constructed a car out
of discarded scrap metal and displaced motorcycle parts – all amounting up to a measly 50,000 rupees.

The media was informed by Amin that he collected displaced scrap metal from a
junkyard and fused it with a 70 cc engine, fashioning it into a hybrid vehicle that was
not only cost efficient but also helped save on fuel consumption.

Through investigating the anatomy of the vehicle, a report detailed that it could seat
up to four passengers and a driver, while speeding up to 50 k/ph and hauling a
staggering weight to 800 kgs, which seems shocking to believe given the miniscule
amount of money it took to construct it in the first place.

This push of creativity and innovation could lead into a full-blown movement needed to
empower the marginalized and underdeveloped communities and provide them with an accessible and affordable mode of transportation.

پنجاب کے گاوں میں ویلڈر نے 50 ہزار میں گاڑی بنالی

پنجاب کے گاوں میں ویلڈر نے 50 ہزار میں گاڑی بنالی#ARYNews

Posted by ARY News on Thursday, May 27, 2021

Could this be achieved if the initiative is supported and nudged into development by the Pakistani government? We can only look forward and hope.

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