Few Well-Known Names Tried To Defend Fasih Ahmed’s Disrespectful Remarks About Child Molestation – Know Them Here

It’s good to see how people have started to raise voice against issues like this and are resisting the factors with the full force that are trying to dilute the impact of these problems, something that really wasn’t a common sight in Pakistan before. Newsweek editor Fasih Ahmed welcomed a similar reaction with his controversial tweet, calling child molestation as ‘art’.

Not only inside Pakistan, the reaction it garnered internationally was brutal as well. His truly insensitive remarks have angered many people, while he keeps the defense walls up calling it dark humor. His justifications are even more absurd than the initial statements, were completely rejected by people as well.


Due to his association with a prestigious event, Lahore Literary Festival (LLF), people on social media also called for a ban on it. They also later came up with a statement on social media, saying that they have received many complaints but Fasih’s personal tweets do not reflect the ethos of LLF as a whole.

The impact that his ‘dark humor’ has made cannot definitely be nullified by an apology, but the shocking thing is, despite these seriously inconsiderate statements, there are people still defending him out there. Here is an example:


Shahbaz Taseer tried to make the point that we are quick in judging and demonizing. He supported his perspective saying that reacting because you cant understand someone is equally wrong.Later Sanam Taseer tweeted saying that not all Taseers are in support of him and the approval is coming from her step-mother’s side, who would even ”sell their soul for a backstage pass.”



Without any intrusion of everyone’s domain to hold independent opinions, coming up with such ‘humorous’ comments on public platforms should not be acceptable. Having opinions and voice should be everyone’s right, but we need to be more considerate that they are not offending or disrespecting anyone. ‘Anyone’, in this case, were all victims of child abuse, molestation, and rape.

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