Why was #WeRejectWorldMap trending on Twitter?

Social media users are calling the act ‘unjust’ and discriminatory.

#WeRejectWorldMap is trending on Twitter as a way to express the ‘Muslim World’s outrage’ to Google and Apple for allegedly removing ‘Palestine’ from the map.

Ever since people noticed the removal of ‘Palestine’ from the ‘world maps’, twitter users across the globe are furious. People are raising their voices against the illegal occupation on the Israeli state by using a number of hashtags such as #WeRejectWorldMap, #FreePalestine, #Israel and #Palestine.

Google claims that Palestine was never on the maps in the first place. A Google spokesperson in 2011, clearly said that Palestine ‘name tag’ hasn’t been on the maps since the very beginning. Meanwhile, a bug was detected tat removed the labels of ‘Gaza Strip’ and ‘West Bank’.

The State of Palestine was never recognized by the United States of America. Since Google and Apple maps have their headquarters in the United States, it is self-explanatory why the state isn’t a part of the maps. If Palestine is searched for on the world maps, the maps for both the ‘tech companies’ display ‘Israel’ as a result. Moreover, the territory is somewhat indicated through some dots, like Kashmir, however, the proper ‘name tag’ isn’t there.

Social media users are calling the act ‘unjust’ and discriminatory.


Here’s what Twitter users had to say:

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