Wero Energy in Pakistan: Water Filtration Plant installed in Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital

The company is based in the Czech Republic but delivers resources and services outside the borders wherever water solutions are needed.

Recently, the ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr. Smentanka, inaugurated a “Water Purification Plant” in Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Chairman Ghurki Hospital Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz, Mr. Mohsin Bilal, Mr. Vaclav Jilek the (Head of Commercial and Economic section of Czech Republic), M.D Bata Mr. Imran Malik, Mr. M. Naeem (COO), Dr. Khurram Ijaz (Medical Director), Mr. Asif Iqbal Ghurki (MBOT), Mr. Amir Latif (Wero Energy) and Mr. Atif Khan (Marketing Consultant). 

Here are some pictures of the inauguration ceremony:

While talking to the media, Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz (Chairman Ghurki Hospital) said:

Public welfare is our priority with health facilities, and there is no life without pure water. This water purification plant will facilitate the patients as well the attendants too.

Mr. Smetanka (Ambassador of the Czech Republic) highly appreciated the untiring efforts of Ghurki Hospital in providing health services to poor and needy patients. Professor Aziz also admired the efforts of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic and Bata Pakistan for donating to the Water Purification Plant. Ambassador of Czech Republic and Wero Energy Company also ensured further cooperation in the future projects of Ghurki Hospital.

About the Water Purification Plant

Wero Energy offers several water purification solutions, but the product discussed here (concerning Ghurki Trust) is the Triton 500. It is a compact purification unit with the possibility of modification according to customer requirements and local conditions. One unit of the Triton 500 features a capacity of up to 0.5 m3/h generators of water and can supply drinking water to up to 2400 people per day.

The Triton 500 pumps raw water through an automatic purge filter, after which the
water is treated on two pressure filters filled with selective filling to remove unwanted substances (filter washing is controlled automatically). The next step is ultrafiltration, which removes bacteria and viruses as well as color and residual dirt from the treated water. The last level of treatment is hygienic water protection by UV radiation.

The unique and patented technology is based on the CLARIFIER, researched and
developed by Ing. František Svoboda,
CSC. – a leading Czech scientist in the
water industry. The CLARIFIER is a pulsating hydraulic system with a sludge blanket ensuring the exceptional quality of treated water (CCW = Crystal Clear Water) that took 40 years of research and development to perfect.

About Wero Energy

Established in 2008, Wero Energy specializes in providing expert advice and services in energy savings. Their portfolio focuses on water treatment and sustainable applications to offer smart solutions to people to improve and enjoy clean water for happier, healthier lives. The company is based in the Czech Republic but delivers resources and services outside the borders wherever water solutions are needed.

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