“West’s most influential Muslim scholar” Hamza Yusuf criticised for backing UAE-Israel deal

Hamza Yusuf was once dubbed "the most influential Muslim scholar in the western world".

I'm In A Shaykh Hamza Yusuf State Of Mind | The Bearded OneHamza Yusuf, a notable Muslim scholar based in the United States, is facing criticism after publicly endorsing the United Arab Emirates’ decision to normalize ties with Israel – a move which has in large part been criticized by Muslim religious leaders.Yusuf, once dubbed “the most influential Muslim scholar in the western world,” endorsed normalization in a statement published by the Forum for Promoting Peace in Middle East Societies (FPPMES), an organization led by his teacher, Abdullah bin Bayyah, on Thursday.

The doublespeak of Hamza Yusuf and Abdullah Bin Bayyah
Hamza Yusuf and Abdullah bin Bayyah. Both scholars have supported the UAE’s deal with Israel.

The statement, which starts by heaping praise on Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and UAE’s de facto ruler Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) and the country’s foreign minister, Abdullah bin Zayed, says normalization “stopped Israel from claiming its sovereignty over Palestinian lands,” and as a means to “promote peace and stability across the world”.While Emirati officials have hailed normalization as a successful means to stave off annexation and save the two-state solution, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly confirmed that he remains “committed to annexing parts of the (occupied) West Bank”.Hamza Yusuf on Jinns: Powerful Men or Demons? – The Muslim TimesUsaama al-Azami, a lecturer in Contemporary Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford, told Middle East Eye newspaper that the “bizarre statement” closely aligned with the forum’s history of legitimizing the decisions of the UAE authorities. Azami also analysed the statement as “in keeping with the strategy of the UAE to get scholars on board and have them rubber-stamp state positions”.

On the Theology of Obedience: An Analysis of Shaykh Bin Bayyah and ...
Hamza Yusuf meeting with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

Hamza Yusuf is an American Islamic scholar and a co-founder of Zaytuna College. The Guardian has referred to Yusuf as “arguably the West’s most influential Islamic scholar,” and, likewise, The New Yorker magazine described him as “perhaps the most influential Islamic scholar in the Western world.”Influential Muslim scholar Hamza Yusuf criticised for backing UAE ...Hamza has been listed in the top 50 of The 500 Most Influential Muslims (also known as The Muslim 500) a yearly publication compiled by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Jordan, which ranks the most influential Muslims in the world.

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  • Where did he actually say this? These are all quotes from last year. Be very very careful about slandering the awliya’.

  • peace is good but look israel is doing with Palestinians.
    They ramped up bombing after this so called peace deal. Shame!!

  • dariay uss waqt se jab behroopiay islam ka libada oorh lein gay, koi islamic scholar bun jaey ga, koi mufti, koi aalim e deen, aur phir wo yahood o nasara k isharo per islam ke galat tashreeh karein gay, muslims ko galat islam perhaein gay sikhaein gay, jese k ham sab bakhoobi jante hein k ham molvio ko, aalimo ko, muftioo ko follow karte hein aur kitni asaani se hum aur hamari naslein gumraah ho jaein ge, iss ke misaal ham pakistan mein dekh chuke hein jaha TTP k fitne masoom bacho aur jawano ko islam ke galat tashreeh aur picture dikha ker gumrah karte rahe aur un se jannat ka wada ker k masoom muslims bhai behno bacho ko qatal kerwate rahe,,

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