WATCH: What Bill Gates wants you to know about the future and COVID-19

Back to COVID-19, Bill called it a 'tragic event' and said that it grew faster than expected in Europe and the U.S.

Speaking to Vox, a media platform, the co-founder of The Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates gave us some advice regarding the coronavirus and what can we learn and understand from it.

When asked about what he was hoping for in the post-vaccine world, Gates pointed towards a polycentric and a close world, where everything is close-knit and interconnected.

He says that nations, in the aftermath of World War II, had successfully created institutions to avoid the existence of another war and the use of nuclear weapons. This, according to him, was possible by remaining bound to those institutions in the specialized fields those were created for, such as WHO for health.

Back to COVID-19, Bill called it a ‘tragic event’ and said that it grew faster than expected in Europe and the U.S. Explaining the reason behind it, he says that minor epidemics hadn’t affected the U.S. far too much in the past.

The countries that are handling the current pandemic efficiently, namely South Korea and Taiwan, were affected by a previous epidemic like MERS or SARS.

They just had to repeat similar measures for prevention because of past experiences. Since Western countries hadn’t experienced such a disease, they failed to implement similar measures effectively.

With regard to the developing countries, where most of the world population resides, Bill predicts that their death rate there will be very high owing to the fact they cannot socially isolate or get the essential provision.

When asked about the current steps the U.S. Congress is taking, such as cutting funding to the WHO, Bill says that these are all temporary measures and he doesn’t suspect a long-term change in the attitude of the U.S. Congress towards health.

He also points out that the U.S. Congress has been the most generous donor of HIV funding amongst all of the nations, and it has helped to decrease its death rate.

Back to global cooperation, as in the aftermath of World War II, Gates points out that it is the human ability to take a much worse situation than the coronavirus and craft it into institutions for economic growth and innovation; Bill hopes contemporary times cooperation looks like that.

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