[Pictures] Toyota Fortuner set to enter Pakistan soon with This Major Facelift

All you need to know about the New Toyota Fortuner.

According to sources, Toyota Indus Motors (IMC) is bringing a major facelift to the Toyota Fortuner to Pakistan. Reports state that the new Fortuner will hit the local market around May/June this year in three trims:

  1. The Toyota Fortuner Petrol (V)
  2. The Fortuner Petrol (G)
  3. The Fortuner SIGMA 4 Diesel

Major Changes in the Fortuner

Note: It should be noted that the new changes will not be introduced in all three variants.

The first major change in the Fortuner (V) Petrol, top of the line variant is that it will now come in 4×4 Power Train as opposed to 4×2. 

Secondly, the reported primary exterior would feature:

  • Slim front grille
  • Black colored roof
  • Enhanced front/rear lights
  • Skid plates in the front
  • Silver-colored side footsteps

Experts believe that these new changes bring the variants close to resembling the Fortuner Legender, which has already been launched in Thailand.

Here is what you need to know about the New Toyota Fortuner.

Other Major Changes in the Fortuner

The new Toyota Fortuner will also feature the following:

  • Different Slip Differential (LSD), which limits the wheel slip during acceleration
  • Increased Engine Power Enhanced Fuel Efficiency
  • Steering Change to VFC, meaning steering would be soft on low speed and hard on high speed
  • Three Driving Modes (Eco, Sports, and Normal)
  • LED Headlamps (Front + Rear)
  • New Alloy Designs
  • Rear Power Door
  • Front Electric Seats in Top Variants, i.e., Fortuner (V) and SIGMA
  • Android in Head Units of All Three Variants

Here are some pictures of the New Toyota Fortuner:

Booking of New Toyota Fortuner

According to sources, the booking of the vehicle has already begun. However, the delivery of the new Toyota Fortuner will start around May/June. It is pertinent to mention that the automaker has not revealed the official price of the vehicle, yet the dealerships are booking the Fortuner at Rs. 3 million. Experts speculate that the new car would be 10% more expensive than the older version. 

Regardless, it seems that Pakistanis are getting excited about the news. Now only time will tell what features and price does the new Toyota Fortuner end up showcasing.

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  • too expensive plus outdated big diesel Engines, not an attractive option if have earned halal mone.

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