What EXACTLY Is The Blue Whale Game?

Raising concerns for parents and causing an immense social media frenzy, The Blue Whale Game is creating an atmosphere of horror and insecurity among people.
According to the stats, about 150 teens have fallen into the trap of this game, eventually losing their life.
Despite all the horror stories, many people are still unaware that what exactly is this game all about.
Phillip Budeikin, a psychology student, first created this game back in 2013. Due to the scary claims he made, reportedly he was suspended from college as well. Philip titled this game as a ‘cleanse’ for the society.

How Is The Game Played:


The game itself chooses the victims from social media linkage. Then by sending an invitation to those people, they are enrolled in. The game sends tasks to those people that they have to fulfill.
The tasks are horrific, like self-harming, climbing cranes and final being jumping off a building and taking your own life! The entire span of completion of the game is 50 days.


The self-harming tasks include cutting your wrist in specific direction every day as asked by the admin. The act is continued for 50 days straight. At the end of 50 days, the person will have a whale engraved on his arm, the symbol of the game.

Not just that, the player is asked to meet other players as well. The game slowly prepares the player towards the final step. Firstly the admin asks the players to go to a high point like a roof top and stay there for a while. Then in the next step, they have to climb to a more higher place. This way the player is prepared for the final step, i.e jumping from the top of the tower losing the life.

The players are also asked to poke themselves with needles and wake in the middle of the night watching horror movies sent by the admin.
To convince them to do so, the game uses psychological techniques like sending specific music tracks that propagate negative feelings.

After first suicide that was recorded in Russia, the game has been a topic of the discussion around. But the question is how do they lure people and convince them to commit these acts? The answer is simple, by harassing. The game hacks all your data, and threats to leak it in front of rest of the world and harm the related people if the tasks aren’t fulfilled.

The harassed person has no choice than to keep going with the orders. The administrators of the game ask for video proofs to ensure that the player is completing the assigned tasks.

More and more teens are being attracted by this. But blaming the game entirely is also unjust to some extent. Parents need to realize their responsibility and should make an effort to establish a trusted link with their children as well.

To know more, watch the detailed video:


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