What happened to COVID-19 testing kits that NUST made?

NUST's ASAB said that they have successfully developed testing kits that are available in 1/4th the price.

The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Attaur Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) said that they have successfully developed testing kits for COVID-19. The Molecular Diagnostic Assays have been developed in collaboration with Wuhan Institute of Virology China, DZIF Germany, Columbia University USA and Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) Rawalpindi.

The team consisted of Associate Professor Dr. Aneela Javed and Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Zohaib from NUST ASAB. They have been working tirelessly to create these assays for diagnosis of COVID-19 as Pakistan’s tally keeps increasing.

The university claimed that the testing kits would be available at a price one-fourth lesser than the ones that are currently available. The NUST said that ‘the assays include both conventional and real-time PCR-based methods of Sybr Green and Taqman.’

However, after the Minister of Science and Technology Ch Fawad said that the universities are not playing their part in the fight against COVID-19, the discussion on those testing kits started again.

NUSTians said that there has been no follow-up from the government’s side and urged to increase spending on R&D.

Responding to the questions on NUST’s testing kits, Fawad Ch said that they are in the final stages of approval.

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  • We as a nation try to work in emergency only and again with no genuine outcome (There is a reason to be a third world country here)

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