‘Men were shouting ‘Dou Takkay Ki Aurat’ – Witness shares what happened with Ayeza Khan at the airport

Twitter user shared what he saw at the airport.

The way we treat our artists, particularly the women, speaks for our collective conscience. However, every single day, we keep unlocking a new level of disgrace and hit a new low.

A twitter user shared what he witnessed at the airport, which shows that Pakistanis need decades to be able to digest art and comprehend it gracefully.

21 The Band member Ahmed Butt took to his twitter handle to share what he witnessed when he was at the airport. He said that he was coincidently at the same airport where Ayeza Khan was present. He saw Ayeza walking uncomfortably at a faster pace, as a group of men was shouting “Dou Takkay Ki Aurat”.

”I was at the airport and coincidentally happened to see Ayza Khan nearby. She was walking really fast and men were shouting “Dou Takkay Ki Aurat” at her as she went by,” Ahmed wrote.

”I don’t know much about Pakistani drama serials but apparently, they were quoting some line that Humayun Saeed’s character Danish says to her which is something I found out afterwards. There were a couple of men who said this out loud then after which she just went away quickly,” Ahmed continued. 

Ahmed said that the incident shows how important it is for women to go out in public and reclaim their space. He said that issues like this continue to suppress them.

”This incident further goes to show how important it is for women to go out and reclaim public spaces while they stand in solidarity with each other and bring to light, the issues society continuously forces them to suppress. 8th March. Be an ally and march with us.”

The incident irked the Twitter community, who showed support for Ayeza Khan and the women who face similar problems while using public spaces in Pakistan.



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  • These are all FILTHY LIBERALS who first proclaim WOMEN RIGHTS then they are the 1st to ABUSE WOMEN on the streets.

  • آپ جب اس طرح کے ڈرامے عوام کو دیکھائیں گے تو عوام پر اسکا اثر بھی ہو گا ۔ یہ اسی اثر کا ہی نتیجہ ہے ۔اسی طرح کے ڈرامے اور بنا بنا کر دیکھاتے جائیں ایک وقت آئے گا کے عوام آپ پر فقرے کسنا بند کردے گی ۔کیونکہ وہ آپکے رنگ میں رنگ جائے گی ۔توقیر ناصر اور وسیم عباس بہت بڑے فنکار ہین انہوں نے ایک انٹرویو میں کہا تھا کے آج کے دور میں اگر اشفاق احمد صاحب کا لکھا اسکرپٹ آپ چینلز کے پاس لے کر جاو تو وہ اسے بھی ٹھکرا دیں گے ۔ کیونکہ آج کل ہم اپنی اقدار ، روایات اور ثقافت سے ہٹ کر ڈرامے بنا رہے ہیں

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