What inspires the PM Imran Khan the most about China?

  • Pakistan has one of the most fertile lands but, unfortunately, one of the lowest productivities; PM Khan.
  • Concessions for Gwadar Port and free zones have been approved. Issues of tariff and pending payments on energy projects have been resolved, he said.
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“And now is the time for Pakistan to learn from China. Personally, the thing that inspires me most about China, what inspires me most about China is the way they have lifted 700 million people out of poverty in 30 years. This has never happened in human history,” said PM Khan during his address in Beijing while addressing the China Council for Promotion of International Trade.

He said that this is the example the entire world can follow and learn from China, adding that this is the most important thing Pakistan can learn from China is the way they have evolved their people out of abject poverty.

He also said that one of the main reasons why Pakistan has not been able to develop its great potential is the fact that red-tapism (which is also because of corruption). He also described the way China spent on its poor population and reiterated that corruption is the biggest impediment in the way of investment coming into the country.

PM Imran Khan's address at China council promotion of international trade

چین نے جس طرح کرپٹ لوگوں کو جلد اور سخت سزائیں دے کر کرپشن پر قابو پایا، وہ ہم سب کے لئے مثالی ہے – وزیراعظم عمران خان چین دنیامیں سب سےتیزی سے بڑھتی ہوئی معیشت ہے، چین نے اپنے عوام کو غربت سے نکالا، دنیا بھر کے لیے کاروبار کے مواقع پیدا کیے، چین نے اپنی غلطیوں سے سبق سیکھا، ہم بھی سیکھیں گے۔چینی صدر نے کرپشن کےلیے جنگ کی، چین نے 4 ہزار وزرا کو کرپشن کے الزام میں جیل بھیجا۔ کاش میں 500 افراد کو جیل بھیج سکتا ، چائنہ کونسل فار پروموشن آف انٹرنیشنل ٹریڈ سے سے وزیر اعظم عمران کا خطاب

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“I wish I could follow up President Xi’s example and put 500 most corrupt people in Pakistan in jail but unfortunately we have a very cumbersome process and so we hope in time we’ll improve it,” he uttered recalling the speedy method of accountability in China mentioning the example of some Chinese official who got convicted for massive corruption within the period of only 5 days.

Gwadar’s Smart City Master Plan

About CPEC the premier said that phase one of the CPEC that has been completed and Gwadar Airport will soon be completed. Work has been started on it. “The whole idea of CPEC, initially, was to connect China to the Indian Ocean and to the Gwadar Port so we have also Gwadar’s Smart City Master Plan approved finally,” he added.

About CPEC Phase-2

“Concessions for Gwadar Port and free zones have been approved. Issues of tariff and pending payments on energy projects have been resolved. In the Phase-2 of CPEC, our corporation will focus on industrial cooperation, agriculture, very important agriculture,” said the premier.

“Pakistan has one of the most fertile lands but, unfortunately, one of the lowest productivities and that’s what we hope to learn from the Chinese experience of high productivity, seed development, water management, and fisheries especially so that is the next emphasis,” he said.

Why should people invest in Pakistan?

“Why should people invest in Pakistan? There are five reasons for investing in Pakistan which Khan explained as Pakistan’s strategic locations, a vast population of 220 million people referring to the young potential of the country, and a country’s intentions towards economic revival, Khan added.

“Pakistan has made the biggest stride, we have gone the greatest in the whole South Asia and overall in the world, we’re at number 8 as the country that has made advances for ease of doing business,” he said.

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He mentioned the special economic zones as well, inviting the Chinese investors to come and invest in Pakistan. “I, especially, came here today to talk to Chinese investors. This is the time to come to Pakistan,” he asserted and also assured them of complete cooperation from the prime minister’s office.

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