What is Punjab government doing to fight Coronavirus? Know here

Only people who came back from centers of corona or people in their close contact - & having symptoms - are required to get tested

Three entities in Punjab have Coronavirus testing kits:

• Govt of Punjab (Free)
• Shoukat Khanum Hospital (Free)
• Chughtai Labs (7200 Rs/test)

Note: Only the people who came back from countries that have become epicentres of corona or those who are in their close contact and experiencing symptoms are required to get themselves tested.

If you (or a person in close contact) recently came back from China, Iran, Italy or any center of Coronavirus, and have symptoms of coronavirus (i.e: Flu, Headache, Coughing), then:

• Contact the Govt Hospital for tests
• Avoid handshakes, hugs & close contacts
• Wear Masks.

What Punjab has done so far:

• Procured Testing Kits, Protective suits & masks
• Trained Medical & Nursing Staff
• 42 Isolation Wards prepared
• 3 Quarantines in 3 regions (North, South & Central)
• Locating people coming from epic centres & their close contacts, keeping them under observation/isolation
• Quarantine established in DGK for 800 Zaireen coming from Iran after spending 14 Days there
• 236 Million Released to the Health Department.1 Billion more allocated.

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