What is the real reason of flour crisis in Pakistan? Flour Mills Association reveals

The spokesperson of the Flour Mills Association shared his views while talking to the BBC.


In the last few days, the flour crisis has erupted in different parts of the country.

According to the spokesperson of the Flour Mills Association, the recent crisis erupted due to the delay in the supply of wheat. Experts have also identified the hike in electricity and wheat prices as the reasons for the crisis.

The spokesperson for the Flour Mills Association, Asim Raza, described the hike in prices of flour by Chaki owners as another reason for the crisis in Punjab. Talking about the crisis in Balochistan, he said that Balochistan wasn’t provided with flour, which is why there is a difference in the prices.

He added that transporters are buying wheat from local markets and selling it at higher rates. He went on to add that KPK and Sindh are experiencing a flour crisis because of the delayed delivery due to fog.

On the other hand, Chaki Flour Association Punjab Chairman has blamed the high prices of electricity and wheat for the shortage across the country. He demanded the government provide wheat at appropriate rates to tackle the crisis.

The spokesperson of Punjab Flour Mills Association said that wheat is always available in abundance in different markets of Punjab. He added that it was for the first time that wheat was provided to feed mills. 700,000 tons of wheat consumed by the feed mills has played its part in the flour crisis.

Asim Raza believes that the government’s decision to provide nearly a million tons of wheat to feed mills was wrong. The situation could have been different if the feed mills weren’t provided such a huge quantity of wheat.

According to The Provincial Food Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the Prime Minister is well aware of the recent crisis. He added that it will be resolved by Monday.

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