What This University Did For The Young Boy Who Was Deceived With FAKE Currency Will Warm Your Heart

Every single act that Islam ordered for the believers to follow maintains the true essence of the religion – i.e compassion and love towards humanity. Prophet (SAWW)’s entire life is a coherently fluent story of kindness, fairness and equal treatment towards humans regardless of their faith and affiliations.

The celebratory festivals in Islam revive the same spirit of brotherhood, love and solicitude – all elements essential for a smoothly functioning and sustainable society. With Eid-ul-Adha, the most beautiful reminder of sacrifice and sharing, around the corner, we must be indulged in making lives easier for each other but lust for money and insensitivity has blinded us towards it.

The sad state of affairs can be well reflected by the recent video of the young boy from Peshawar mandi, who was helplessly crying after his year’s hard work went to drain due to some shameless, greedy individuals who purchased the animal from him worth 28000 and handed him fake currency. When the boy realized, it was already too late and the men had left. Someone did his part of contribution by videotaping the unfortunate event and posted it on social media. And then the rest he Pakistan did their part!

Within a few hours, thousands of people reposted and showed the desire to help him to restore his faith in humans, which appears to be slipping down with his tears.
While the exact number is still unknown of how many people contributed to make his eid better, the students and management of Iqra National University made his and their own eid better. They gifted him new clothes and a cash of 50,000 rupees.

Disclaimer: Posting pictures on social media is for the purpose of motivating people to take part in such good deeds and show them how they can change someone’s life with their little efforts.

It is so satisfying to see the smile on his face. Kudos to the university management and students for taking this inspirational step. We must always make efforts make the world better for each other – this is the only thing that makes us more human.

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