WhatsApp Announces 3 New Privacy Features

WhatsApp upcoming features

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg has announced three new upcoming privacy features for WhatsApp. In a Facebook post, he said that his company will keep building new ways to protect its users’ messages.

The three new WhatsApp privacy features include:

  • Exit group chats without notifying everyone
  • Control who can see when you’re online
  • Prevent screenshots on view once messages

Exit group chats

After a user leaves a group, nobody other than the admin will know. At the moment, whenever someone leaves a group, WhatsApp informs the participants about it. This will change when the new settings are rolled out.


Last seen and online

Soon, users will be able to control who can and can not see them online. WhatsApp users will be given two options for the online feature, either everyone is able to see them online or it remains the same as the last seen.

Screenshot blocking

Earlier, the world’s renowned messaging app rolled out the’ view once’ feature for sending photos and videos. However, the receiver could still save it by clicking a screenshot or screen recording.

When the new privacy feature is rolled out, taking screenshots will become impossible.

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