WhatsApp introduces 3 new features and you must know about them!

~ Here are the three new features of WhatsApp that every user should know:

WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app, has been working really hard to bring new features for its users to make the experience more convenient. In the last couple of weeks, they have introduced a lot of new innovative attributes, making it much safer and easy to use.

~ Here are the three new features of WhatsApp that every user should know:


You can set reminders using WhatsApp now. Last week, Any.do, a popular reminders app with about 10 million downloads, announced that it was partnering with WhatsApp to allow users to set and receive reminders.

Once you sync your Any.do account with your WhatsApp, the service can be used within the app. Sending texts like ‘remind me to pick up food’ etc. will generate a response, confirming that you have set a reminder.
When the time will come, a WhatsApp message will be sent to you by Any.do, reminding you about your task. Pretty convenient, right?

The one downfall is that this feature isn’t free. You must subscribe to Any.do’s premium for this feature to work.

WhatsApp Call Waiting:

If you use WhatsApp to make phone calls, you have been in situations where when you’re on a call, and someone else tries to contact you. Previously, you would receive no alerts from WhatsApp if someone was trying to call you, instead you’d see a missed call after your call ended.

This has changed. In a new update for WhatsApp, call waiting has been added. If you are already on a call and someone else tries to call you, you will receive a notification. This will allow you to decline the second caller or end your current call. But, you can’t put one caller on hold, while finishing with the other one.

Group Chat Invites:

If you have often been added into random, spam groups then this feature is a lifesaver for you. WhatsApp has granted users permission to choose who can and can’t add them into group chats.

You are given three options to choose from:

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • and my contacts except.

As then name suggests, when you choose ‘everyone’, anyone can add you in a group. When you choose ‘my contacts’, people in your contact list can add you in any groups and the third option ‘my contacts except’ lets you exempt selective contacts from having such power.

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