[VIDEO] Whatsapp reunites woman, who was left behind during partition, with family after 70 years

The two worlds collided when they saw each other on the screen.

In a heartbreaking yet refreshing story, Whatsapp has reunited the 86-year-old Daphia Bai, now known as Aisha, with her family after 70 years. She lost connection with her relatives during the 1947 partition, and never saw them ever since.

However, thanks to WhatsApp, she got to see her family, her grandchildren, and nephews after decades of search.

266 kilometers away from Mailsi, Punjab, where Daphia is currently located, her family lives in Morkhana town of India’s Bikaner city. She could not hold her emotions when she talked to them.

“I’ve spent all my life crying. I offered people money, ghee to help locate my family”, Daphia said, while wiping her tears.

She spoke in Saraiki and her family communicated in Marwari, while a person helped her understand what they were saying by translating it.

Even though she never saw her family in over 70 years, there are a few things that she held really close to her heart. Those cherished recollections include the names of her siblings and memories of a place with a lot of peacocks (mor), where her family lived.

The search for Daphia’s lost family started when Alamgir Khan, a Pakistani Punjabi YouTuber, posted her story online an year ago. Sharing what happened with her, Khan requested if any viewer could help him trace down the family of a ’13-year-old girl who was left behind when her family migrated to India in 1947′.

Watch Mohammad Alamgir’s video on Daphia Bai here:

Search for her family

Daphia’s family frequently traveled to Bikaner, but after 1947, they decided to stay there permanently. While they moved to the other side of the border during the partition chaos, Daphia was allegedly kidnapped, converted to Islam, and married. She has seven children but continued her search for her family.

Daphia’s grandson Naseer Khan said that even after years of her tragic separation from her family, she remembers her siblings and tells their names as Mira, Chothu, and Alsu. She told her children their stories, and how Alsu had an injury in one eye and couldn’t see from it.

“She used to tell us about a place in India, which had a lot of peacocks. She also talks about attending her mamu’s wedding in that town”, Naseer said.

Alamgir came to know about Daphia through his friend Munawwar Ali Sheikh, who is a close friend of Naseer.

How her family was found

They had a breakthrough in finding Daphia’s family when a man named Zaid Muhammad Khan from Delhi saw Alamgir’s video. He had an interest in partition stories and decided to use that information to search for her family.

Khan shared Daphia’s story with people living in Morkhana, since he guessed it was the place she was talking about. He also gathered records of her siblings and relatives, Mesa Ram, Budla Ram, Gangu Ram, Moti Ram, and sister Mira Bai, as Daphia mentioned.

Khan got in contact with Bharat Singh, who owns a small shop in the said town. Fortunately, he was able to connect him with Daphia’s family and arranged a phone call.

Twenty family members gathered around the phone of Khoju Ram, grandson of Daphia’s brother, as the decades of search ended with the call.

“First they called, and then I made a WhatsApp video call to them”, Khoju Ram said.

The two worlds collided when they saw each other on the screen. Grandchildren of Daphia’s other brothers also joined the video call. However, the family of Mira Bai couldn’t be part of this moment as they live far away.

Watch Daphia reunite with her family here:

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  • I also have a family in india who left us in partition time, is there anyone who can help us to find our family, I will give him whatever details i have
    Thank you

    • Assalam o alaikum! My name is Ahmad and I’m From Islamabad, Pakistan. Kindly write the details of your and your lost family here (location and relation), so that we can reach out to our friends on the other side of the border and try to gather the possible required information and will contact you if anything comes up.

  • Your story brought tear in my eyes, She suffered a lot. God bless her & I appeal both governments to help her on the humanitarian basis.

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