WhatsApp users are getting this explosive new update to get them through quarantine!

Your video call game is all about to change in the new update!

WhatsApp is coming up with a new update, and it will change a lot for users. Talking to your friends on call is a great way to kill time in quarantine, but the number of users that can join a video call on WhatsApp is only four.

This all is about to change – in the new update, the number of callers is about to increase. The code to expand video calling is embedded in both, beta iOS and Android app. So the change will be available for everyone once the application’s latest version is installed.

Although it is still unclear to how much the limit will be increased, a small shift to six or eight participants is probable.

Other than that, the messaging application is also adding a call header to remind everyone that their calls are end-to-end encrypted, meaning they can’t be shared with third parties.

Facebook, its parent app, has been under a lot of criticism for privacy issues. But that isn’t the case with WhatsApp. It is the most secure messaging platform currently in the store, as messages along with calls of users are end-to-end encrypted.

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