Do You Know How the famous wheel tea of Multan was invented?

Meet Falak Sher the inventor of the Wheel tea

The owner of the roadside tea stall, Falak Sher, started his wheel tea eight years ago.

Speaking to The Independent Urdu, Falak Sher, said, “When gas became expensive eight years ago, then this innovative idea of the roadside tea stall came to my mind.”

Sher added, “I started looking for alternative options of gas, then I came to know that using coal to make tea would be a great idea. I just installed a wheel along with the burner, and that made my life easy.”

While explaining how the idea of a wheel and burner came to his mind, the tea seller said, “Earlier, this system was used by smiths. They used to heat iron in forges and form it by hammering it with their hands on an anvil. The same thing was in my mind.”

Now people from all backgrounds come and try my tea, he added. Falak Sher said coal is economical, and by using it, he has been able to save some money as well.

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