Which are the top 10 most-watched dramas in Pakistan currently? TRP and ratings reveal it ALL

Tasteful or conventional?

The trend of Pakistani dramas has started to change. However, the transformation is very subtle and slow because producers are always trying to gauge TRPs (Television Rating Point) only. Since these TRPs define the drama\’s popularity and the revenue it will generate, media channels do everything they can to increase their ratings.

Everything here refers to drama authors writing scripts that are suited to the taste of the Pakistani audience. Observations conclude that the dramas which showcase women being victimized garner the most TRPs. This is why even the serials that showcase a strong female character have an equally weak one to appeal to the viewers.

With that being established, here are 10 Pakistani dramas that are at the top of their rating game and are enjoying the most incredible airing time slots (7 PM, 8 PM, and 9 PM):

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The drama begins with a divorce and later takes a romantic turn. The amount of tragedies showcased in the series is the reason it generates high ratings.


Sabaat led the TRPs more than once last month. Among all the dramas airing on HUM TV at 8 PM, Sabaat did relatively well.


In a few weeks, this soap has given a tough competition to dramas airing in the same time slot. Maybe Pakistani viewers are now welcoming soaps, or they just love the content of this drama.


Majorly featuring a love story, the commercial drama Uraan has made people frequently tune into Geo, increasing its ratings highly in the last month.

Bandhay Ek Dor Se

Bandhay Ek Dor Se portrays a love triangle and flaunts a star cast. Both of these factors are the reason the drama has acquired pretty good ratings.


Nand airs four times a week on Geo at 7 PM, and the numbers are indeed working for the channel as the drama is attracting much-needed TRPs. It should be noted that the serial displays a victimized woman and a very negative character.


The drama might have been criticized and banned, but its popularity genuinely skyrocketed. The most-watched drama Jalan\’s story is about two sisters fighting over a man.


This Geo channel drama started getting more ratings as soon as its story took a tragic turn. Forced marriage was shown, and the Pakistani audience went crazy about the series.


Muqaddar drama serial follows a politician\’s desire to marry a young woman. Major themes of power struggle, women fighting over a man, and more are portrayed in the drama to allure views.


The drama airs at 9 PM. Tarap\’s ratings went up when the story took a tragic turn.

To conclude, it is pertinent to mention that the Geo channel is leading the TRP race, while ARY Digital follows, and HUM TV lags behind.

The fact that dramas like these get high ratings in Pakistan says a lot about our country\’s people\’s choices. All of this makes one thing very clear: the Pakistani audience loves tragedy and victimized women. As long as this preference stays intact, we might as well say goodbye to quality dramas that feature varying storylines.

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