Which Indian Directors Offered Ayeza Khan Roles In Their Movies And Why Did She Refuse? She Reveals

Although Khan is married and a mother of two kids, with her incredible acting skills and attractive face, she remains the top choice of directors.

Ayeza Khan is one of the most successful actresses of the drama industry.

Although Khan is married and is a mother of two children, it is because of her incredible acting skills and attractive face that she remains the top choice of directors when it comes to dramas.

Ayeza Khan revealed in Ahsan’s Khan Show that she was offered two Bollywood films before tensions between Pakistan and India deteriorated.

Bol Nights with Ahsan

It was Ahsan Khan, who made this revelation when Ayeza Khan appeared in his TV show Bol Nights with Ahsan.

In a conversation, Ahsan Khan revealed that famous Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali had asked him about Ayeza Khan. The director was of the view that the actress is the best female face of Pakistan.

Ayeza Khan also revealed that she had an offer by the acclaimed Indian filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, but she did not accept it.

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  • She made a mistake by not accepting the offer of two great directors of Indian film Industry, these two directors are not only famous india but also in the world. By taking the offer, she had an chance to prove herself as a good actress in the world

    • Un ki film thi tou bs krni chahye thi mistake krdi inkaar kr k?chahy role Jo bhi ho? Kitna ghatiya ho? Woh keh chuki kry gi agr acha role hua tou aur halaat sahe dono mulk k.

    • i’m so happy she didn’t accept these roles. which pakistani actor has been just as successful in the indian industry? she didn’t want to degrade herself. Indian movies have no substance, even the bollywood industry is suffering these days. hats off Ayza for making a good choice ?

  • Well she did a right thing. They don’t respect our culture. They don’t respect our values. If she had accepted their offer may her marriage life would be ended up like Mahira Khan.

  • She did best.. She is innocent as she says in a interview that ” Mujhy filmo main kam krne ka shok nhi hai main dramo main hi khush hon and also” mujhy logon k gharon main ana psnd hai, naa k log mje bahir dekhne jayen”

  • where is it mentioned the reason for not accepting films? stop making captions which is not explained in details

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