Whistle-blower Sailor Exposes How Living Animals Are Treated During Export – Watch Footage Here

Live animals export is a cruel trade and hence is condemned by every animal protection organization across the world. The practice has been going on for ages, which is clearly synonymous with ‘crime’ against these poor and defenseless animals. Since recent few years, the issue has gained attention as the mistreatment of animals was exposed and discussed on multiple fronts.

Recently, the issue has again been raised as a whistle-blower Pakistani sailor Faisal Ullah, graduate from Pakistan’s Marine Academy, shared pictures of compromised living conditions of these animals during the export process.  The footage was then shared by Australian animal protection unit, Animals Australia. After the news went viral, the ship carrying 50,000 animals to the Middle East was stopped from leaving Australia, probing a deeper investigation in the matter.

Crowded, suffocated and most of them unable to reach food and water – the secret footage shows  these poor animals struggling to breathe.  Due to mistreatment of animals, Australian live animals trade worth US $615 million has come under scrutiny recently. The footages were shot onboard Panama-flagged livestock carrier, Awassi Express. It revealed how the exported animals suffer, some of them dying and thrown out.

While talking to Channel Nine, Faisal exposed the horrors and expressed his concerns.
“They just died in front of us. Just one by one. One after another… I mean, you are just putting live animals into the oven.’’
He told that the animals are forced to stand 3 weeks consecutively. Due to no airflow, the insides are synonymous to an oven. He called northern hemisphere summer conditions as a ‘blast furnace’. He further added that lambs that are born to pregnant sheep and are not supposed to be exported die on the ship and are thrown overboard.
AMSA, Australia Maritime Safety Authority, stopped the ship that was supposed to be leaving for Qatar due to raised concerns over airflow and existing conditions. AMSA also confirmed the death of thousands of sheep as part of the process.

After the footage went viral, Australian Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said that he is holding constructive discussions with welfare groups and industries from preventing the future abuse.
“It is important we get integrity into the live system and those people doing wrong need to be held to account, whether that is a company or an individual,”, Littleproud said (Source: The News)
He said that further effective measures are also being taken, including establishing a whistleblower hotline so such acts can be immediately reported.

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