Whistle-blowers, Allegations and Accusations: Was PM’s Laptop Scheme Used To Steal Users Data For Underlying Political Interest?

The whistleblower source that claims to reveal even before the western media that how Donald Trump manipulated social media through UK based data mining company Cambridge Analytica (CA) to change the attitude of people towards him in elections, has also doubted a similar strategy being implemented in Pakistan.

Calling it an attempt of ‘meddling with democracy’ Eurasia Future claims that ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif hired the same firm, Cambridge Analytica, to turn the general public in his favor for the upcoming elections. The source also revealed that Hassan Nawaz and Musadiq Malik formalized this deal and PMLN’s media ally, Mir Shakil ur Rehman was also taken on board. Through this, Pakistani social media users and voter’s personal data was handed over to the controversial international firm, dubbing it as a harrowing case of breach of national security and privacy.


As part of this hidden campaign, Nawaz Sharif’s laptop scheme was also manipulated and used to collect Pakistani youths data through the pre-installed systems on the laptops handed over to thousands of students belonging to 109 universities across Pakistan.

What’s even more appalling is the same firm has previously been accused of having links with terrorist outfits including ISIS which is being doubted as the reason of the increased influence among students.

There has been no proper confirmation regarding this but few credible sources inside Pakistani politics including Senator Sherry Rehman has talked about it, blaming PMLN for using CA to promote their vested interest on the national and international level.


She also accused the government of hiring CA for ‘’themselves’’.

Bilawal Bhutto, on the other hand, has avoided giving any statement on the topic saying that the allegations have made it to his ears but still need to be investigated on what the underlying truth is. Although he said that the acquisitions are severe in nature, and should be thoroughly investigated to protect the sovereignty of the country and democracy.

Shireen Mazari has also accused Nawaz Shareef of hiring this firm and said that we have to probe deeper investigations to see that which entities have received this data calling it jeopardization of Pakistan security she said its ironic that previously Nadra was relucting to share data with ECP for enabling oversees voting.

Apart from these sources, there are no credible origins of the allegations but they surely need to be thoroughly looked into.

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