New ‘White Marriage’ trend takes over Iran: Definition, reactions, and Islamic perspective

There are no official estimates on the number of unmarried couples cohabiting in Iran.

Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, head of the Office of the Supreme Leader of Iran, said:

The Islamic ruler should vigorously fight this kind of lifestyle. Officials should show no mercy in cracking down on the practice.

While the government looks down on this trend, Iranians question if it’s the only way to tackle the nation’s rising divorce rate. According to media reports, the divorce rate has nearly tripled in the last 15 years as about 20% of marriages end in divorce.

Not only are divorces expensive in Iran, but they are also problematic for women to get. If a husband is unwilling to divorce his wife, she has to prove, legally that he has been physically abusive, has psychological problems, or has failed to fulfill his marital duties.

Iran man and woman standing in rain

Justifying white marriage, 32-year-old Ziba, an Iranian living with her boyfriend Amir Ali, said:

Wedding ceremonies are getting more expensive, and dowries are neck-breaking. Traditional marriages are collapsing anyway. If one day we can afford it, we will get married. It’s not anyone’s business — our parents or our government.

Many Iranians, along with Ziba and Amir, now wonder how long unmarried Iranian couples will have to live a double life. They hope that one day Iran’s government will be more accepting of white marriage that is helping the people marry wisely and put an end to the rising divorce rates in the country.

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  • and they portray this as an Islamic problem. There is no concept of Dowry in Islam and Islamic marriages are very simple and not expensive at all. Its the cultural problems to show off and look rich. Islam makes Nikkah (Marriage) very easy and simple affair. Its Zina these guys are doing – any kids born this way will most likely end us without a father – this breaks the backbone of any society.

  • Shame on them.
    Every heavenly religion has made marriage necessary for the union of man and woman, and Islam has gone one step further and made marriage necessary for the establishment of a family and a better society. Living together without marriage represents the life of animals, not humans, and not Muslims at all.

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