Who is Britney Spears’ Fiancé Sam Asghari?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari together at a functionAmerican singer Britney Spears announced her engagement with her boyfriend Sam Asghari on Instagram. She shared a video in which she is showing off her engagement ring, millions of people have liked the video.


Britney Spears and Sam Asghari first met in 2016 during the shooting of a music video. The two have been together ever since.

Who is Sam Asghari?

According to details, Sam Asghari was born in the capital of Iran in 1994. His father went to America when he was just a couple of years old.

Sam moved to the United States in 2006 when he was 12 years old, while his mother and three sisters remained in Tehran.

After arriving in America, Sam enrolled in school but his focus was more on sports than studies. He joined the football team and played for several college and university teams.

However, the it did not go far enough and Asghari took part-time admission in a college to study criminal justice. At the same time, he started working in a store.

It was during this time when he became interested in fitness training and he left criminal justice and started studying fitness.

He was so into fitness training that he sometimes fainted while exercising. It was because, according to him, his diet was not good.

When his sister came to the United States, she noticed her brother’s physical transformation and advised him to give modelling a shot.

Sam was 21 years old when he took part in a show in Palm Springs, which was a huge success.

Since then, she has had the opportunity to model in commercials, including the Toyota Prius commercial, which was shown in Super Bowl.

At the time, Britney Spears was making a music video in which Sam was to model.

In an interview with Men’s Health, “I was so excited to have the opportunity to meet a great artist.”

He stated that when Britney Spears introduced herself, he jokingly asked, “Sorry, whats your name?”

“I tried to be funny. I don’t think anybody got it,” he added.

“She motivates me more than anyone. It’s crazy how I can be humbled by a person like her. If I could be that humble when I’m that high in life, that would be the best thing. I grew up with three sisters, and my personality is just to be a supportive person for my family and she’s family. I’m always going to support her. She is another blessing that happened to me.”

Following their first meeting during the shooting of the music video, they started regularly seeing each other. After five years, the beautiful couple has got engaged. In an Instagram story, Sam thanked all the people who wished him and his better half.

Moreover, he also joked about the people who are concerned about their prenup.

He added, “Of course we’re getting iron clad prenup to protect my jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day [crying while laughing emojis].”

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