Who is Pakistan’s Ahsan Ramzan? | Meet the World’s youngest IBSF snooker champion

The IBSF World Championship was the young player's international debut, and the way he showed his snooker style was impressive.

Pakistan’s 16-year-old prodigy Ahsan Ramzan made the country proud by winning the IBSF World Snooker Championship on Friday. 

As per details, the 16-year-old beat Iran’s Amir Sarkosh to bag the Premium title.

The young boy had made an impressive debut defeating India’s Digvijay Kadian 3-1 at the five-day championship.

After a nail-biting competition, Ahsan had beaten countrymate and former World Champion Muhammad Asif in the championship’s semi-finals to reach the finals.

Ramzan had lost the first two frames against the former champion, but he leveled the competition by winning the last two sets.

Ramzan started the final confidently by winning the first two frames by 63-60 and 91-0. However, Sarkosh won four consecutive matches to pressure the Pakistani player.

Despite the 2-4 deficit, this couldn’t put much pressure on Ramzan, and he cut his deficit by winning the seventh frame, whereas he could pocket only one red in the eighth frame to give Sarkosh a lead of 5-3.

As the Iranian player was just one frame away from winning the final, Ramzan showed his class. In the ninth frame, the young Pakistani player did not allow his competitor to pocket any ball. He also made him helpless in the tenth frame to level it 5-all.

In the final frame, Ramzan didn’t bow to the pressure of the final frame of the final match. He played each ball on merit and with clarity in his mind to guarantee that his opponent didn’t get any room to come back.


Ahsan originally hailed from Lahore. He started playing the sport in 2017 on the junior level; at that time, he was not even 10.

Education and Personal life:

Ahsan had stopped his education after passing the eighth standard due to the sudden demise of his father three years ago. He had already lost his mother when he was just four.


Other than the recently won IBSF World Snooker Championship, Ahsan has national U-16, U-17, and U-18 titles under his belt. 

The IBSF World Championship was the young player’s international debut, and the way he showed his snooker style was impressive.

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