Who is Sheikh Danish? | Complete profile of the culprits behind Faisalabad incident

The main culprit, Sheikh Danish kidnapped and raped her daughter's friend, Khadija, for rejecting his marriage proposal.

You may be wondering who is Sheikh Danish, and the other culprits involved in the Faisalabad issue. We have gathered intel on all the accused involved in the Faisalabad incident.

Recently, an incident involving an influential businessman, who allegedly kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and tortured a medical student in Faisalabad has taken the internet by storm. The main culprit, Sheikh Danish kidnapped and raped his daughter’s friend, Khadija, for rejecting his marriage proposal.

Who is Sheikh Danish?

Sheikh Danish is a resident of Paradise Valley in Rawalpindi and is a wealthy businessman. He is the owner of the city’s Best Export Company.

His daughter, Ana Ali, was friends with Khadija since her school days. The latter was in her final year as a BDS student. As the two were close friends, the victim used to visit Ana’s house often.

During these visits, Danish started taking interest in her and sent a formal proposal to his daughter’s friend, which she turned down.

Kidnapping and FIR

However, when Khadija rejected the proposal, Sheikh Danish started to put pressure on her through his daughter to make her change her mind.

Khadija did not change her decision, and on August 9th, 2022, Danish kidnapped her, along with her brother Hasan Ghafoor Ali and his friends Malik Ali Awan and Ali Alvi from their home. They also entered her bedroom and took a mobile phone, two bangles worth Rs450,000, and Rs500,000 in cash.

Sheikh Danish Ali, Ana Ali, Faizan, Khan Muhammad, and Shoaib tortured Khadija and her brother at gunpoint. They took the two siblings to their residence and forced Khadija to lick their shoes.

Ana also made a video of the victim, while cutting her hair with scissors on Sheikh Danish’s instructions. The video went viral on social media. Khadija reported that Danish raped her multiple times, assaulted her physically, sexually, and mentally, even shaving off her eyebrows and hair.

Upon Khadija’s complaint, a case has been registered at the Women Police Station against the accused. It is important to mention that the culprits named in the FIR have been put behind bars.

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