Who Is Social Media’s Favorite Candidate For CM Punjab? We Asked and They Voted!


After aggressive efforts to form the government, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has another challenge waiting to welcome – choosing the ideal candidate to take Chief Minister Punjab spot.

With being the most important and crucial position, PTI’s expected choice previously was veteran politician and party ’s Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi. However, after his upsetting loss on provincial seat PP-217 Multan, it appears that for now, we can only guess and have an opinion about it.

Three strong competitors are under discussion currently:  

  • Party’s central information secretary Fawad Chaudhary who pitched his name himself saying it will be ‘lie’ to say he isn’t in the race during a talk show.
  • PTI’s Punjab President and party’s reliable asset Abdul Aleem Khan.
  • Yasmin Rashid, who previously served as PTI Punjab’s general secretary and has been giving PML N a run for their money from Sharif’s ancestral constituency. Though Yasmin lost the elections, her strong presence and popularity makes her party’s top choice for women reserved seats, making her a well-deserving candidate for the CM spot.But who is social media’s favourite person for the position? They voted and they told!

    Siasat.pk conducted an online poll to encourage people’s perception and to know general public opinions as to whom they want to see as their new CM among the three expected candidates. Over 20,000 social media users participated in the poll and voiced their opinions – voting heavily in the favor of Dr Yasmin Rashid.

As per the end results, a total of 20,018 people participated. Among them, 69% wanted to see Dr Yasmin Rashid taking the spot, 17% voted for Fawad Chaudhary and 14% resided with Aleem Khan.

Dr Yasmin is unarguably among the most respected, reputed, upright, loyal and capable individuals that the party has. If she is chosen for the spot, she will be Punjab’s first woman CM. However, let’s wait if it goes by how social media majority wants it or will take us by surprise!

Did you participate in the poll? Let us know your choice below!

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