Who is Taloulah Mair – Age, career, details

The model took to Instagram to make the blasting revelations.

Who is Taloulah Mair - Age, career, details

Taloulah Mair’s recent accusation of Aima Baig cheating has taken over the internet. The model’s claims are making rounds on the internet.

What happened

Aima had previously announced that she and her ex-fiance Shahbaz Shigri had parted ways one year after they got together. However, recently, a model named Taloulah Mair came forward and blamed Baig to have cheated on Shigri. According to Mair, the singer had a relationship with her ex Qes Ahmed while being officially engaged to Shahbaz.

The model took to Instagram to make the blasting revelations. She also leaked some audios, videos and screenshots of conversations in which Aima can be seen texting Qes, who is a filmmaker.

Ever since her accusations, her IG account has been suspended. Qes himself has also taken to the social media app to talk about the issue.

In his explanatory post, he claimed that Mair has ‘mental health issues.’ She is unemployed and wants to make money based off of the ‘moves.’ He further revealed that the model has done it in the past too. She ‘demanded’ money from him and wants to do the same this time too. Ahmed also said that he has talked to the police and she would be ‘sectioned’ for her mental health.

Who is Taloulah Mair

Taloulah is a model who belongs to Birmingham, United Kingdom. She is known for her modeling skills.

Although Mair began her career as a fashion model, she owns a home studio. In the studio, Taloulah teaches new models to find the right angles and how to pose. She also answers all the queries they have regarding the modeling industry.

Other than this, the model is 28 years old. She is also a part of the Milan fashion week every year. The model has broad work experience and loves doing freelance projects.

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