WHO issues guidelines about how to stay safe during Ramzan amid COVID-19 threat

To stop the spread of COVID-19, World Health Organization (WHO) has issued guidelines for safe practices during Ramazan.

WHO has asked the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions to not take part in any religious gatherings. Other than that, it has suggested the closing of mosques, checking public gatherings and other restrictions on movements to efficiently practice social isolation.

The organization also mentions that people must take extra care of hydration and proper nutrition during the holy month. Smoking and the use of Tobacco has been strictly prohibited. Patients of COVID-19 have been asked to refrain from fasting, even if asymptomatic.

Furthermore, the WHO has also said that places of worship should be cleaned regularly, using disinfectants. In mosques, places to do wudhu must maintain sanitation and hygiene.

Previously, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) urged the government to rethink its decision of allowing congregational prayers at mosques during Ramzan. It asked the government to not push the country for a test it isn’t ready for.

During a news conference, President of PMA Ashraf Nizami and other doctors requested the authorities to review their decision, which was taken in consultation with Ulema to allow prayers in mosques.

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