Who lives in the Burari House now? Everything you need to know about India’s ‘House of Secrets’ [VIDEO]

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The series House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths has been trending on Netflix ever since it was released on the video streaming platform. Why is the audience loving watching this season? The answer is simple: it’s a documentary entirely based on a true story.

The popular Netflix docu-series talks about a true crime featuring the death of an entire family of 11 in one single night. The lone survivor was a dog who was left tied in the scorching heat on the terrace.

The shocking revelations of the state the family members’ lifeless bodies were found in left the people disturbed and curious for answers. Did the three generations of people commit suicide, or was foul play suspected in the Burari deaths case – these questions haunt the entire nation to this day. The Netflix documentary explores the answers to these questions and shares theories of how the family ended up dead in a thrilling direction and haunting storytelling that has left the audience frightened to the core. 

The burrari family

Surviving Members of the Burari Family

While the 11 members of the Burari house died in one night, two members (Sujata Nagpal and Dinesh Singh) of the family who weren’t living at the residence survived. According to media reports, the two siblings still fail to process what happened with their relatives.

The sister Sujata Nagpal presently stays in Panipat, while the family’s eldest son, Dinesh Singh Chundawat, currently resides in Rajasthan and is a contractor. Speaking about moving away, Dinesh said:

Our entire family was in Rajasthan, in and around Sawa village. We did not want to cut ties. I liked open spaces, something which Delhi does not have. But we moved away in hopes of setting up a business.

Filmmaker Leena Yadav comments on creating the series House of Secrets: The Burrari Deaths

Indian film director Leena Yadav has done an exceptional job with this documentary. Speaking to a media outlet about the documentary, the filmmaker said:

This particular case really got my attention. I wanted to know the why and how of it, and I was not satisfied with the information around me. So when Netflix asked if I had a subject for a documentary in mind, this was on the top of my list. I wanted to investigate it myself as this case has so many layers, and we haven’t learned about a single one yet.

She further stated:

I have tried to evolve my own style of documentary telling in House of Secrets. The subject defines the style, and I find that when the visual language, the edit, and the structure serve the telling of the story, it elevates the experience.

Elaborating on the challenges she faced during the shoot, Leena Yadav said:

We [Indian society] are not very aware of documentaries as we genuinely live by the rule ‘ghar ki baat ghar mein hee rehni chahiye [private matters should remain within the four walls of the house]’. Therefore, getting people to open up was a bit difficult. But the fact is that people also want to talk about it. Additionally, it was a very emotional subject at various levels. It was painful — especially interviewing the friends and family — but the lessons learned were many.

The burrari house

What happened to the actual Burrari House?

After watching the documentary, many people are left wondering what happened to the actual Burrari house. Reports state that the family’s home is situated in Burari, North Delhi, spawning across a 1,070-square-foot property. According to media reports, the house has been attracting people as a ‘haunted home’.

Following the deaths of the family, the house was rented at a cheap rate because of the horror stories floating around. At present, the three-story home is occupied by two families – the Kashyaps stay on the ground floor of the house and run Dhruv diagnostic center on the premises, and the Ali’s take care of the first and second floors of the house.

The neighbors of the Burari house claim that they have felt a mysterious presence outside the house. However, the current owners have quashed all such rumors and continue to live in the residence without fear.

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