Why are people labelling Minar e Pakistan incident as a ‘public stunt’? [FACTS]

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Blamed for being harassed, viewed with suspicion, or told to keep quiet is not new for Pakistani women. However, victim-blaming has stooped to its lowest level, as people have been alleging the Minar-e-Pakistan incident was actually a publicity stunt. 

People have been claiming that the independence day incident referred to as “400 Vs. 1” was a meet and greet gone wrong.

Many news outlets have reported that the meet-up event was planned by the victim Ayesha Akram and her team of TikTokers to help their audience grow.

Ayesha Akram didn’t reveal that the unfortunate incident was a meet and greet gone wrong, and it is being used to fuel conspiracies. Perhaps she withheld that information due to fears of being victim-shamed.

What people are missing is the point that inviting fans for a meet and greet doesn’t make the assault the TikToker’s fault.

A female TikToker, Ayesha Akram, was assaulted in broad daylight by 400 men at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore, on the 14th of August.

Ayesha and her friends were making a TikTok video in the park when hordes of men climbed a fence and attacked her.

She told the police that the men groped her, tore off her clothes, hit her, and tossed her in the air. In addition, they robbed her of PKR 15,000, stole her mobile phone, and took off her gold ring and earrings.

It is offensive to paint this horrendous incident as a conspiracy. It is also alarming, as to what lengths can people go to lay the blame on a victim.

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  • It was a stunt that converted to a crime.
    Actually, the girl belong to lower class poor community with no back ground. The children of this community revolt against their parent. They lablel their parent for “knowing nothing.” Actually they are not experienced themselve. They revolt and fall in hand of nonsense stupid people (u see two males in this game), who use them molest them and even put these girls for sale to sex trade.
    The girl has no background. she was traded for increasing her followers and an incident took place that must not happen. The girl is speaking lie, she has tried to conceal her address. Rambo and other male partner is not a part of investigation and so many anomolies.

    When I came to west for the first time. the local people said “live in relationship” between a pair is normal unless reported by girl herself. It was astonishing for me.
    Now after about 24 years I saw such relations as a common phonomenon in Pakistan as well.
    Noor Muqaddam belonging to a rich family was in “live in relationship”.
    the same way this girl is also in “live in relationship” with rambo.
    So who should be blamed for all this.

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