Why did the Australian think tank rank Pakistan as the ’15th most powerful country in Asia’?

Pakistan ranked 15 of 26 for comprehensive power, with an overall score of 15.2 out of 100

The annual report published by an Australian think tank, ‘Lowy Institute,’ ranked Pakistan as the 15th most powerful country in Asia, due to its significant diplomatic improvements last year.

According to the report, “Pakistan ranked 15 of 26 for comprehensive power, with an overall score of 15.2 out of 100.”

The Asia Power Index 2020 further stated, “In 2020, Pakistan had the biggest profits in diplomatic influence (+3.8). It lost the most points in cultural influence (−3.9). Moreover, it improved in resilience (+1.3) and future resources (+1.2) while trending down in defense networks (−1.9), military capability (−0.8), and economic relationships (−0.2). The score for economic capability was unchanged this year.”

The country’s overall score has remained unchanged over the past year. It performs best in the future resources measure, where it places 7th, indicating an anticipated demographic dividend to 2050. Its lowest ranking is in the measure of the economic relationship, coming in at 20th place.

In 2020, Pakistan saw its most remarkable improvement in economic capability, resilience, and diplomatic influence, where it moved up by one spot. However, it has also slipped by two points in the defense networks measure compared to 2019.

The United States, China, and Japan make up the top three most powerful countries on the Asia Power Index 2020, with scores 81.6, 76.1, and 41, respectively.

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  • Ye kya baqwas hay . Konsa doosra ya teesra number hay jo 15 wain number per aker itna uchal rahay huo wo bhi asia main aur wo bhi kisi 2number think tank ki report per ????? Thread bananay walay per wohi laanet jo pichlay dino mustanser hussain tarrer nay PMLN pur bhaiji thi .
    Total 23 countries hain Asia main aur rank 15 wan hay , fittay munh . Bilkul ussi terha jaisay class main third position ai huo aur pata chalay class main total 3 students hain .
    Kuch sharem karo . 15 MOST POWERFUL . LAANET AGAIN .

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