‘Why hasn’t Shahbaz Sharif filed a lawsuit against David Rose yet?’ Asks Haroon Rasheed

Haroon Rasheed doubts the entire situation.

David Rose, a British journalist from Daily Mail, Uk, recently brought to his Twitter that he hasn’t received a lawsuit from the President PML-N and former Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif after he exposed his corruption in earthquake relief funds.
In this tweet, the British Journalist said, “Hello Pakistani friends. A lot of you have been asking if Shehbaz Sharif has commenced a lawsuit against me and my newspaper yet. He hasn’t.”
He further said while retweeting his 14th July’s status, “Sources tell me that investigations by NAB [National Accountability Bureau] and the Asset Recovery Unit into allegations against Shahbaz Sharif have continued with some vigor since my article was published. This may explain why he hasn’t filed a lawsuit: they have been keeping him busy.”

David Rose still waiting for the lawsuit:


On the contrary, it has been reported that the opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif did file a lawsuit against the Daily Mail newspaper on 26th July and he believes that it was nothing but a ‘politically motivated’ move. He even shared a copy of his lawsuit on his Twitter account.
After that, on 23rd August, David Rose posted a number of tweets on his Twitter handle, all directed towards Shahbaz Sharif and his people in the press.
As of now, Haroon Rasheed, a senior Pakistani journalist, doubts the entire situation. He says if Shahbaz Sharif is innocent in the matter, why is he hasn’t filed a lawsuit yet? It is something that definitely makes it a questionable issue.

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