Widely Followed Islamic Preacher Nouman Ali Khan Accused Of Having ‘Inappropriate’ Terms With Female Followers

Famed and well liked Islamic preacher Nouman Ali Khan finds himself in hot waters after a friend of 20 years accuses him of having ‘inappropriate’ relationships with his female followers

Nouman Ali Khan, who has been a popular preacher of Islam and has huge following on social media is accused by his close friend for having protestable and unreasonable terms with his female follows, that defy the set boundaries of Islam.
Omer M Muzaffar, who claims to be a subordinate for Nouman in his mission and acted as a liaison between him and Dallas scholar community took to social media vocalizing his accusations.

Omer further said that Nouman has been hiding his misconduct and threatening people, however they both agreed on terms that if Nouman gets religious counselling and ends contacts with all those women, he will be allowed deliver lectures. In the meanwhile, he can only post his pre-recorded talks that do not contain any substace related to marriage and gender issues.

He said that now, Nouman has violated the agreed upon terms, which is why Omer feels the need to covey the truth to his followers. He also said  that the accusations were accepted by Nouman and one of his family members as well.
His statements were further supported by Islamic Information Society of Calgary’s Director Navaid Aziz, who seconds him saying that the accusations have been verified by ‘multiple’ people and some are accepted by Nouman himself too.

Pakistani-American Islamic preacher responded to it, answering each aspect of the allegations. He said that he has been receiving threats to stop his work, or his image will be harmed and portrayed in a manner that is unacceptable in Islamic community.


Nouman, in his two decades of preaching, has built a large audience who view his opinions as most credible.
His followers extended a strong supporting arm to him, completely refusing to accept Omer’s words, saying that they won’t believe anything unless solid proofs are brought forward.


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