Wife of man who was filmed walking naked in Karachi releases a video message

Police detained a man on Friday for roaming naked on Karachi's roads in the name of freedom.

Video of a naked man went viral on social media.

A few days ago, a video of a man walking naked on Karachi’s streets went viral on social media. The police later arrested him, but now the man’s wife has come forward and released a video statement.

Video Message

According to details, the woman said, “I am a scholar and memorizer of the Quran; I belong to a religious family. Recently, the video of my husband walking naked on the streets went viral on social media. He had a heart attack a year and a half ago, after which he had to start psychiatric treatment.”

“Bur after the second heart attack, he lost his control, broke everything, and left the house. Instead of catching my husband and handing him over to his family, people started making videos and posted them on the internet.”

“I urge the government of Sindh, the IG Sindh, and the people to do their part and remove the video from social media as my husband has lost his mental balance,” she said.

In the initial statement to the police, Salman said that he is a resident of Paposh Nagar of Nazimabad and had two sons. He said he had previously worked for a food-delivering company.

When the police officer asked Salman why he was walking in this condition, he replied, “I was born free, so I’m roaming free.”

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