Wife of an army officer shared how she was harassed by a bank guard

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A wife of an army officer who requested to keep her identity anonymous shared how she was harassed by a local bank guard in Lahore.

She stated:

“I am an army wife, an engineer, a mother, and expecting another child too. Life is not so easy for women like us who have to survive alone when their husbands are deployed.

Yesterday I went to UBL Bank Lake city Branch Lahore. While leaving, I felt like somebody pulled my dupatta. For an instant, I looked who it was, and it was the security guard. I didn’t want to create trouble, and as I was all alone, I left.

Today again I had to visit the branch. While waiting for my turn, I saw the same guard from yesterday was again constantly staring at me. I felt so much harassed that I asked one of the banker ladies to stop him. She said to him to do his work. He suddenly came towards us and started screaming and shouting at me, “what did I do, (dekh hi Raha tha) I was just staring at you?”

Trust me, our husbands are out there guarding this whole country, and here we are not secure even at the hands of a security guard. There were 18 to 20 men in the bank, and NOBODY took a step to help me.

After this, the manager came and asked me if I was OK. I felt like crying and told him that he’s creating drama for no reason. I just asked him to look away. That’s it. And the manager asked the guard to go out for a while and went back to his cabin.

A moment later, he (the filthy guard) came back again and stared at me like he was already staring and roamed around saying fazool aurat Pagal ho gai hai. Ghatia aurat.

I was harassed, shattered, and left the bank immediately. It was the first time after my husband had left that I took the courage to complete my tasks myself. An engineer, army wife-all broke due to this harsh society. I cried a lot after coming back home and contacted my husband, saying, “Maybe I need you more than this country.”

I have some pending work at the branch, but I’m so shattered that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to visit the bank again.”

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  • Thanks for standing up to this pervert. We support you. Being silent is like allowing the crime. Our society needs to take strict action against such beasts. You will be vindicated, ISA.

  • This is sad, instead of releiving guard from his duties, the manager asked him to go out, waow. He ahould have been handed over to Police but unfortunetly no body has business ethics.

  • Blame the country for the acts of a 2 takay ka security guard…..next time your car tyre punctures blame the country…..its too hot….also blame the country…..pathetic insaan

  • Very sad to hear that, immediate action should be taken against the guard.

    Also please stop writing army wife, an army wife, an army wife …. why is she repeating it again and again. Army is just another department of the government like wapda, police, health etc. You are no special, actually army has lost 1/2 of the country.

  • First why this security gaurd is so powerfull that he do not even listen to any one, not even branch manager ?
    The security gaurd’s job is at the entrance how can he interfere inside the BANK. This is true that these securty guards are BADMAASH and should be controlled.

  • put a complaint to the bank higher ups. You always have the right to change banks. I have done multiple times. If I don’t like it, I complain and switch to other banks

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