Wife Of Shaheed Officer Joins Army, Declared Best Shooter

Often in life, we come across the stories that move us – but the incredible stories of the resilience of those who have tragically lost their loved ones are the hardest to bear with and most inspirational to shape our perspectives.

One such example has been brilliantly showed by Shaheed Army officer Major Ishaq’s wife Dr Ayesha, who has embraced the same uniform her husband lost his life in. Doctor by profession, Ayesha has shown strength and strong resilience every since her husband left the world and been celebrated as a strong female icon by the entire nation.

Major Ishaq was killed in DI Khan’s Kulachi area during a search operation on a terrorists’ hideout, leaving behind a widow and one child. But that didn’t break the strong woman. She decided to take forward her husband’s mission and what he stood for my deciding to enrol in Army Medical Course.

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Not only has she successfully completed the training and joined the force, but she also won the title for the best shooter. As shared by Hataff Security Systems on social media, she completed all the sessions of her mandatory training in Islamabad and Kakul.

“She fired a G3 rifle from a distance of 200 metres hit 15 out 16 targets and was awarded as the best firer of the course” – was shared by Hataff Security Systems.

They also shared that another very special thing is that it is the same gun that Major Ishaq himself fired 40 rounds from. He fired 20 rounds using his right hand and after his right hand got injured, he changed the magazine and fired 20 from his left hand.

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