VIDEO: “Will a woman treat our animal? She can’t and we won’t let it happen”

"People let their animals die, but they don't listen to us," says Gul Naz.

“Will this woman treat our animal? She can’t and we won’t let that happen. “

Gul Naz Akram, a veterinarian in Multan, often hears such words.

“People let their animals die, but they don’t listen to us,” says Gul Naz.

Gul Naz has been working in the animal care field for three years and opened her veterinary clinic to look after the animals’ health there. 

After completing her Intermediate, Gul Naz applied to a Veteran’s course from USAID.

While discussing the course, the veterinarian said, “When USAID launched the project, they initially trained me for a month in first aid and provided equipment, after which I started working. In the beginning, there were many difficulties, but now the situation is completely different.”

Speaking about working in a male-dominating field, Gulnaz Akram said, one of the aims of choosing this profession was to become financially independent, and the other was to help the people of my village.

The veterinarian added, “Most of our villagers are daily wage earners and laborers. If something happened to their animals, there must be someone to treat the animals.”

While responding to a question regarding the behavior of people, Gul Naz said, “It’s not easy for women because men make weird comments, but we have to put up with it.”

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  • Allah SWA Bless our sister … very difficult to change backward mind set of people…

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