You Will Be Shocked To See How Much Time Doctors Give To The Patients In Pakistan

Doctor, the profession that is considered as the most respectable in Pakistan has dropped horribly in quality as the focus shifted from wellbeing of patients to just monetary gain. This particular study reveals a similar result as well.

According to the biggest international study carried out on consultation time of doctors published in BMJ Open (British Medical Journal), doctors in Pakistan give 1 minute 47.4 seconds on average to each patient.
This not only is alarming but also reflects the concern of the health expert which ultimately serves as the primary reason for deteriorating health quality. Mostly the consultation charges in Pakistan lie between 1500-2000 rs on average, minus the unmeasurable things like waiting time and travel expenses.

According to the study, Bangladesh lies on the bottom of the list with staggering 48 seconds on average whereas Sweden is on top with high patient satisfaction rate and average consultation time of 22 minutes 30 seconds.The researchers also mentioned in the journal that countries with low consultation time also have a poor health quality. This let alone suggests how both variables are interlinked.

To further dig out the consequences and impact on public health on a broader magnitude, data from 67 countries and 178 relevant studies was used. In 15 countries, the consultation time was less than 5 minutes whereas, in further 25 countries, it was about 10 minutes.
In developed countries, the stats were better as in the US the average recorded time was over 20 minutes whereas over 10 minutes in the UK.

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