With PM Imran Khan, Here’s How People Are Showing Determination Towards A Clean And Green Pakistan


Pakistan’s environmental problems have been a grave concern, affecting the vulnerable particularly. The country saw a heatwave for the fourth consecutive year this time while no significant plantation drive, steps to curb timber mafia, awareness campaign and proper environmental policy was designed or implemented in the last tenure to fight the challenge.

To kickstart a revolutionary journey to fight the extreme challenges Pakistan is facing currently and educating people’s perception towards the damages of their actions, Prime Minister Imran Khan has started a sketched campaign.


The five-year campaign will including changing people’s mindsets towards cleanliness, providing public toilets and by creating dumping sites for waste. To maximise the impact of this campaign, volunteer scouts programme to support and help the mission.

The campaign has been formally launched today, with a call from PM Imran Khan to every person of the country to extend a helping hand and do their due part. Khan said that the country’s passion towards the cause is evident and the country seems to have  “accepted and become resigned to” towards cleanliness.

Khan added that even the richer segment of the society only bothers with the cleanliness of their own home, but neglect their surroundings. At the first action day of Clean and Green Pakistan today, PM Khan lead by example by planting a sapling and picking garbage, disposing it off and washing his hands to show proper cleanliness method in front of the children.

While planting, Khan also had a discussion with the students regarding the issue of climate change and pollution, also congratulating them on such a successful launch of the innovative campaign.

After PTI announced it on Twitter, immense support have poured in from people. Here is what people have to say:



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