Tax Asaan : Within two days of its launch, thousands of people downloaded tax app

FBR has uploaded the new electronic form of return for individuals, salaried individuals and association of persons for the tax year 2019.

  • The tax app “Tax Asaan” receives a good response from individuals to check salary income.
  • Within the first two days of its launch, thousands of people have downloaded the app.
  • A new version of the app will formally launch in the next two to three days.

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Tax App Success

The tax app “Tax Asaan” which has been introduced by the government on 16 September received a good response. The purpose of this app is to check the salary income of a person.

Within the first two days of its launch, the app has received digitally 98 salary returns and thousands of downloads. According to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), it is a huge success.

While talking to a source chairperson of FBR Shabbar Zaidi said that, the app is updated only for the salaried person for the filling of income tax. FBR further claims that it will help taxpayers in the filling of their returns without any trouble. “We encourage all taxpayers to submit their returns on time,” he said.

Chairperson of FBR requested the taxpayers to use the app to pay the tax and make Pakistan stronger. Although we were just testing, the app but quite surprisingly got a good response.

2000 downloads of the app were on Google’s official Android operating system and 6,000 plus downloads on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system by several users till Wednesday.

So far, with the help of app 1753 drafts, returns and 98 returns had been submitted online. Chairperson claims it as a reflection of success.

A new electronic form of return for the individuals has been updated by FBR. The deadline for the submission of returns has been set for Sept 30.

Moreover, a senior tax officer had told the source that the current app only minister to the salary income with few more deviations.

Deficiencies and New Version

However, some deficiencies like business and property incomes of salaried individuals and no calculation of rental are present.

Therefore, to overcome the deficiencies the second version of the app will be launched which will include all other means of income.

“We will formally launch a new app in the next two to three days,” the official said.

There is no formal tutorial present online to guide people on how to use the app.

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