Who is the woman who assaulted sales girl in Lahore’s Packages Mall?

Here is all that you need to know:


  • The woman was arrested after the video of her assaulting salesgirl in Lahore’s packages mall went viral. 
  • The culprit comes from a financially staunch background. 
  • In the video, she was seen dragging a saleswoman with her hair.
  • However, after the video went viral on social media, the woman was arrested.


In the viral video shot in Lahore famous Packages Mall, a woman was seen brutally beating and assaulting a salesgirl. The culprit, Sadaf, went to the mall located on Walton Road on 5th August to purchase some makeup. She asked the salesgirl for a mirror. However, when she responded it is not available, Sadaf attacked her and subjected her to physical abuse.

According to the reports, she even beat other salesgirls, Rozina and Misbah, who came to rescue the helpless girl. Sadaf even tried to attack the security supervisor of Packages Mall with a paper cutter. Later, she was arrested by Factory Area police.

However, who was that woman and why no one dared to stop her?


According to police reports, the culprit Sadaf just recently shifted from Australia to Pakistan. One of her sons is training to be a neurosurgeon in Australia. Her second son is studying to be an engineer. She took her sixteen years old daughter and just recently moved back to the country.

The sources further revealed that Sadaf was previously married to a first-related cousin of hers but was later divorced. She was also found guilty of violence and physical assault in Australia as well and due to this very reason, her first husband left her and she came back to Pakistan.

After moving back, 55 years old Sadaf married a 25 years old man and is currently living with him in Defence. She was arrested and later released on bail. Police had registered a case under Article 506, which is a bailable offense. However, no medical was conducted. It police would have proceeded for a medical examination, it could have been turned into a non-bailable offense.

However, the most concerning aspect is that it was brought to notice after the video went viral on social media and no one from the mall authorities registered a complaint.

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